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Professional & Reliable Window & Gutter Cleaning in Oswestry and Wrexham.       PH Window Cleaning provides a friendly and professional cleaning service.  With 10 years of cleaning experience on commercial and residential premises, we are your number one choice.

We are fully trained in all aspects of window cleaning & gutter cleaning and adhere to health and safety guidelines as expected from a professional cleaning company. We wear a uniform with the company name and logo and are fully insured to carry out all work on your home or business.

Window Cleaning internally & externally

UPVC & Conservatory roof cleaning

Cladding Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

We cover a range of cleaning services which include residential, commercial & industrial. We use the latest pure water-fed pole system and also traditional window cleaning methods to achieve excellent cleaning results. All frames, sills and doors are cleaned as standard on external work. On request, PH Window Cleaning can also clean your internal windows, conservatory roofs, fascias and guttering.

PH Window Cleaning is very competitive with pricing and provide a regular high standard service. To find out more about the services we offer, or the areas we cover, please contact us.

01691 773018

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We will be happy to give you more information, provide you with an estimate over the phone, or arrange an appointment to come visit you.

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  • Residential domestic window cleaning
    From a one bedroom property to a mansion or anything in between, no job is too big or too small.
  • Commercial & industrial window cleaning
    High street shops, pubs or restaurants, hotels and nursing homes, we also cover small business units and up to Large factories.
  • Gutter Cleaning
    All types of guttering and uPVC cleaned.
  • uPVC soffit & fascia cleaning
    All UPVC, soffit and fascias cleaned to a high standard.
  • Conservatory roof cleaning
    Algae and moss removal, all glass and plastics cleaned to high standard.
  • Commercial & industrial signage and cladding cleaning
    All business signs and cladding cleaning to your building.
  • Solar panel cleaning
    Solar Panels are on the increase and like other smooth surfaces on the exterior of your house, solar panels need cleaning. Recent studies have shown that the layer of dirt and grime that builds up on solar panels can greatly reduce the efficiency of them. Solar panel cleaning will help to keep them running at their most efficient, therefore producing the optimum amount of solar power for your home!


Why don't you use detergent?

Traditional window-cleaning methods require some agent to lift the dirt away from your windows. That is the purpose of the detergent. Unfortunately, the traditional method of simply blading the glass without rinsing means that a thin residue of detergent is then left on your windows, this becomes sticky and in time actually attracts more dirt. The purified water used in our system literally absorbs dirt, removing the necessity for any extra cleaning agent. It also leaves your windows free of any residue meaning that they will stay cleaner for longer.

Do you use ladders?

We do use ladders, but as the last means of access on some property’s were access is limited, to fully ensure we clean all areas. Using water fed pole is our preferred method, as it is so efficient and also safer.

How much do you charge?

This depends on the amount, size and the access-ability of the windows you wish to be cleaned. Our prices are very competitive and all frames, sills and doors are cleaned as standard. To provide a more accurate estimation please feel free to contact us for a free quote.

I work all day how can I pay?

We provide various options regarding payment, payment on the day, self addressed envelopes are left so customers can forward a cheque, or payment online is also available for those with limited time.

How often do you come?

We can provide you with a weekly service, 2 weekly, 4 weekly or 8 weekly. Unless there are circumstances beyond our control, we always try to attend the same day if possible.

What areas do you cover?

We cover all Oswestry & Wrexham and surrounding areas.

All new areas will be considered.

For any other questions or concerns contact us on 01691 773018 or 07534 868047.


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Gutter Cleaning Oswestry & Wrexham

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Fri, 21 Jul 2017 18:40:52

Do you have 3 story high windows?…. Not a problem as we can reach and clean all windows safely from the ground

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We are currently offering full UPVC cleans, gutters, facias, conservatory roofs.
We can bring your green UPVC back to new.

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